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To do a Kirby, originally uploaded by Barbied00dles.

Since our beloved Arrie will be going away to Australia for three months, we decided that he needed something to cuddle with when he misses me the most.

I don’t know if anyone can guess what it is supposed to be, so I’ll just spoil it for you and reveal that it’s one part of the amazing dancing-kirby trio!
If you have missed the amazing dancing-Kirby trio I’ll show it to you:




Anyhow, I hope you like it Arrieboo! <3


Felt Toast, originally uploaded by Barbied00dles.

So I was feeling creative to the max this evening!
I dug out my felt-fabric and my sewing-kit and I was supposed to sew an owl. But then I realized that I was in the mood for TOASTS!

Took me three hours to get this little bastard together, and let’s just keep it at ”it could’ve gone worse, but It could’ve gone alot better” ;)

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