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Är fruktansvärt seriös i mitt städande idag. Mord i blick och qotsa i högtalarna. Och så lite avkopplande pauspyssel till det! xD Tim Holtz-stämplar på servetter som varmluftsblåses på ljus.


Tro mig, jag försökte ändra vitbalans.. önskar att s3an kunde komma snaaaart!

Nu: mer dödsseriös städning!


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Har faktiskt lyckats vara produktiv på en scrapträff, hurra! Tre julkort gjorda här, och ett gjort hemma hos mamma, så jag har redan lyckats göra fler julkort än förra året :3 har vart nere i Skåne sen igår, och det har mest vart dimmigt ^^ roligaste var nog när jag hittade en här på träffen som spelade wow, vi finns verkligen överallt! Dessutom känns det skitskumt att blogga från mobilen, för allt blir så hackigt :(

så vi slutar nu med lite bilder istället, woopwoop!

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Adore Love, originally uploaded by Barbied00dles.

Was at my dear mom’s yesterday and I managed to put together a little sumthin sumthin while the dear mother ran around packing for her scrap-meeting today (have fun dear mother!).

Must add that I absolutely love the silver embossing powder, which gives it a very nais metallic-look (the thingie up in the left corner)! :3

And I don’t think I have anything more to add. Except that you should ignore the cake-looking thingie behind the card.

Kinda forgot to move it -.-

Omnom-book!, originally uploaded by Barbied00dles.

Alrite, so I’m doing this ”cookbook” for cakes and pies and stuff and here’s the frontpage!
It takes quite long to create one page, so it’s really a long project which I hope that I’ll continue to share here :)
My head is really tired so I’ll keep it short and I should not forget to apologize for the CRAPPY quality of the picture, my good camera had no battery, so I had to use my shitty camera ^^

Yeah, let’s not keep on rambling, my head is way to confused xD

(I’ll add a nice picture of how tidy my desk was while I was doing the frontpage!)

Decorated Binder, originally uploaded by Barbied00dles.

Creative thing of the day was to decorate a binder where I’ll put things I do (such as patterns for figures, or texts, or drawings) and things that inspires me (like guides and images).

For being one of the first scrapbooking-ish things I ever do, I’m quite satisfied to be honest :) It might be far from perfect but I have to start from somewhere ^_^
And besides, I had loads of fun while doing it! :3

Decorated Binder (details), originally uploaded by Barbied00dles.

A picture of the details aswell! It was as I said really fun to do it, but also slightly pain in the ass-ish xD

The big flowers were horrible to glue on to the binder, I tried with three different techniques before it worked correctly, lol :P

The inverted relief was not supposed to be used like that but I used it like that anyways, and I’m quite happy with the results :)

And I’m glad that could use the small red flowers without them looking out of place.

Anyhow, enough rambling from me ^^

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