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ett talanglöst liv

Varg 03, originally uploaded by Barbied00dles.

Since we count the last blogpost as yesterdays update, this is todays update! :)

And again, we have the adorable Varg along with the silhouette of my brother Oskar, Varg’s father.

When I took these pictures Oskar first wanted us to be in their livingroom, since they had the best lightsource from lamps there, but after a few shots I quickly realized that there was the most flat light I’ve ever seen :( So I forced them out to the kitchen where they had three big windows, and since the weather outside was cloudy, rainy and very cold, the light was just brilliant. I wont lie, Oskar was not happy being bossed around by his little sister, but when he saw the difference in the photos he quickly realized that the lil sis did have a point ;)
I just love how the raw light makes Varg bright, while making everything around him dark. Photographing in bad weather always makes better lighting then when it’s sunny <3

Anyhow, less ranting, more looking! Hope you’ll enjoy the picture :3
(and Mike, λύκος is greek for Varg (i hope, google translate says so atleast!), so no need to ask this time ;D)


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