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ett talanglöst liv

Baibai Blondie, originally uploaded by Barbied00dles.

It’s time for a change in my life. And since I wont be able to stop with the sweet sweets until after I stop working, I decided to kickstart the change with a new haircolor!

Those who go way back with me knows that I’m quite the hairchanger. Like in 2007, where I had 13 haircolors within 12 months. I even used that as a clue when I was on the phone with an old classmate who didn’t have my new number, and therefore didn’t knew who I was. He immediatly screamed ”LINNEA!” as soon as I gave him the clue.

So, after being blonde since february, I’m going light brown! I’m also going to start a betting pool for how long it takes me to start de-coloring my hair so I can turn into a blondie again! xD

Hopefully the color will be all nais :3 I like myself in a lighter shade of brown, makes me look serious, but still childish. Dark brown are too much serious and too little childish, so pleaseplease don’t make it turn too dark dear coloring gods!

Anyhaaaao, wish me luck! :) And my better half was the creative one here, all the glory of my awesome haircolors goes to him, because I’m forcing him to color it >:3


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